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Coffee Filter Wreath DIY

DIY home decor rustic wreath



It's no surprise I LOVE to shop at my local vintage shops. Yesterday, while out and about in Monroe, WA, I came across the CUTEST white wreath. I thought it was tissue, until i looked at the back and saw it was COFFEE FILTERS! I recently purchased a Keurig, so I had a few packages of filters at home that I could put to good use!



I bought a wreath foam form at Joann's for $5.. It can even be less of you have coupons. If you don't have any coffee filters laying around, you can pick up large packs at the Dollar Tree. I will be linking the tutorial I used for my wreath, I think it turned out great for my first try! Difficulty level: ZERO. The only downside to it was burning my fingers on the hot glue gun! Happy DIY-ing!


  • Amanda on

    Hey!! I left you a DM on Instagram about something I ordered… I can’t find a contact me link… which is probably because my mind is on summer break! If you get a chance to reply that would be super awesome! Thank you!

  • Toni K. on

    Love it! Ha, burn myself everytime with those! Love the new site Emily, keep rockin it!

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